A constant humana dental source of frustration are they going to rob you of your peace if so why are you doing this.

I do not believe that you should take on any customer no matter how they act just so that you can make a living I think that and this is just me so you

Can do whatever you want but me I’ve learned as I’m getting older that time is my most valuable asset thatI have and my ability to have peace in my life is also just.

As important and so if I have people in my circle or in my client base who are causing me frustration and who are robbing me of my peace then they’re really robbing.

My family of that same peace and so I’m Just a big proponent of not taking on customers that are gonna be problem cases so part of that is properly educating.

The customer about the insurance process helping them to understand number one how the insurance process in general like in the industry how it works .

What to expect when an insurance adjuster comes out for the very first time that’s assuming that you’re signing them before the adjuster has ever come out and sometimes you’re gonna be signing.

Them after the first adjuster has already been there and there’s already an estimate and already a payment on the table and you’re taking it from there and there’s.

A little bit different strategy to use in that situation as compared to the former but you get the idea you want to be able to properly prepare the customer for what to expect in general so when I say in general .