way that you imagined Thank You Catherine for asking that question our next question comes from humana dental Miriam hey Paula my name is Miriam and I’ve got some questions for you so recently you posted on your Instagram account

A comment about financial independence and that it’s not planning for the future but it’s giving yourself the flexibility in the wiggle room to adapt to

Whatever may be in store a little background about me my husband and I are in our early s we also have three really young kids and we both work full .

Time so needless to say our lives are pretty crazy and busy and our schedules are a mess and we are pretty new to the fire movement but we are on

The bandwagon and getting started my husband is going down the path real estate he and his partner are super excited about that business venture but .

I’m not super interested in real estate myself and I have my own side passions and I don’t have any kind of business background so I’m not really sure .

Where to go next I’m sort of at the exact moment that you’re talking about when you posted so I’m looking to go down a different path and set up a different venue for success for .

Myself but I’m not really sure what that is I love coaching others too emotional and life wellness and promoting happiness for all I had a life-changing illness last year that was really caused by stress and poor emotional.

Health and after I recovered from being pretty physically ill I decided that I wanted to focus on mental and emotional and spiritual wellness so I turned to podcasts and when daily devotional podcasts and doing some journaling weren’t really meeting my needs I c .