This DENTAL INSURANCE NO WAITING PERIOD communication and telling the clients that are sorry telling them you know this is what’s happened and we’re really sorry and and do do something to put it right mm-hmm go up of their call of duty yeah .

A lot of practitioners now have websites of course there is a what would your tips be on what information do you think we should have writing on websites sure okay we’re.

How long we got for this okay what you need to do is put your patience shoes on and take your shoes off and then go and look at your website and see it from your patients point of view yeah now.

I have a bit of a laugh about this but if you look at most dental practices websites you will see it says something like we’ve been going since we’re on lovely leaf in a lovely practice.

We make your very warm welcome and we’re in a Sunni part of leafy part of whatever we have this we have that we’re part of this and it’s all about you there’s nothing in them about me now .

I have this problem my I’ve got a problem I want my maybe my teeth straightening or maybe I want them wide so maybe I want something you know so talk as if you know put put your right as if you are .

Thinking about me rather than you rather than does that make sense most bats that are insulin what’s in it for me yeah so talk to me as if you you let’s imagine that we have a conversation over.

The dinner table yeah and you’re underneath and I’m telling you my problems from a smile my teeth what you really want to do is when I go in your website.

I read what’s on there and actually want to say was that person we you under my table last night when I was explaining these things and most dental practices talk about themselves yes but spend very little time talking about how.

We can help you in what problems you might have and how we can address your issues so you’ve got to be able to walk in your patient shoes and if all your language is all about you yes then you’re missing a trick because the clients are have these problems and what they want to know is can you Hammer with these problems yes so .